"Berry vs. Drake: A Social Media Showdown"

Halle Berry has taken to Instagram to voice her frustration after rapper Drake used a photo of her without permission to promote his latest single, "Slime You Out," featuring SZA.

The image in question showed Halle Berry getting slimed at the 2012 Kids' Choice Awards.

Berry shared a post on Instagram that read, "Sometimes you have to be the bigger guy...even if you're a woman," seemingly in response to the situation.

When questioned by a user about Drake's use of the photo, Berry explained, "He did have his people call my people, and I said NO.

I didn't like that image of slime all over my face in association with his song. And he chose to do it anyway! You see...that is the disrespect. Not cool!"

Berry clarified that it was a matter of principles and integrity. 

She also responded to speculation about the ownership of the image, asserting that Drake had asked for her permission and received a "NO" from her.

Drake, a longtime fan of Halle Berry, has featured her in his lyrics before and even wore a jacket with her image in the past.